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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Hemp Hash

Hemp in Airtight Containers

There’s nothing worse than cracking open your stash, ready to unwind with some afternoon CBD… only to be met with a stale, musty odour and hash that’s turned from golden-brown to a dull grey (or worse yet, sprouted mould)!

Hemp hash can stay fresh for a long time with proper care, but it’s easy to slip up and leave your stash vulnerable to spoiling. The good news? Avoiding these mishaps is pretty simple – you just need to know how.

Here at BudBros, we’re passionate about helping you enjoy your hemp hash to the fullest. That’s why we put together this guide to steer you clear of the most common storage blunders. Read on to find out how you can keep your hash fresh and say goodbye to early spoilage for good!

1. Using the wrong container

Think keeping your hash in a cardboard box is enough? Think again. Hemp hash stays fresh for a lot longer when you keep it in an airtight container, and here’s why:

  • Too much oxygen can cause oxidation, which degrades the potency of cannabinoids and terpenes (the active compounds in hash). An airtight container slows down this process by keeping the air out.
  • Airtight containers keep outside moisture from getting in and your hash’s natural moisture from escaping. This keeps things balanced, preventing mould and maintaining the texture and quality of your hash.
  • Airtight containers shield your hash from dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can ruin its purity and taste.

While any sealed container is better than none, some materials are better than others. Glass jars are ideal because they don’t leach any chemicals into the hash and they create a good seal, while silicone containers should be avoided as they can allow terpenes to escape.

2. Exposing your hemp hash to sunlight

Leaving your hash on a windowsill or anywhere it gets direct sun is a quick way to shorten its lifespan. Here’s why:

  • Cannabinoids are sensitive to UV light, which can break down their molecular structure and reduce their potency.
  • Terpenes are sensitive to both heat and light. Enough sunlight exposure can make them degrade, spoiling your hash’s aroma and taste.
  • Sunlight can raise the temperature of hemp hash, leading to higher humidity and moisture levels. This (especially in a non-sealed container) can turn your hash into a magnet for mould.
  • Sunlight can also dry out hemp hash, making it brittle and difficult to handle.

Instead of leaving your hash in the sunlight, store it in a dark place like a cabinet or cupboard, using an opaque or UV-resistant container for added protection.

3. Not keeping your hemp hash cool enough

While you don’t want to freeze your hemp hash (which can damage the trichomes), storing it in a cool place will help preserve its quality. Ideally, you want to store your hash between 15 to 20°C.

Keep your hash away from heat sources like the stove or radiators and store it somewhere cool (the cabinet or cupboard mentioned above will do the trick). During the hot summer months, you might even want to store it in the fridge – just be sure to let it come to room temperature before opening to prevent condensation.

4. Storing your hemp hash for too long

Hemp hash can last a long time, but even the best-cared-for stash will eventually spoil. Ideally, you should use your hash within a year of purchase. If you can’t use it all in that time, it’s best to store it in smaller containers to minimise air exposure.

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