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CBD Vapes vs CBD Flower Roll-Ups: Which Is Better?

Looking for your next CBD fix? Whether you’re a seasoned user or just dipping your toes in, you’ve probably noticed the wide variety of options available. There are oils, tinctures, teas, and even hand creams – basically, something for everyone! 

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient option, two methods stand out: distillate vapes and flower roll-ups. Both involve inhaling CBD, but the two are actually more different than you might think. It’s worth looking at the qualities of each to decide the right one for you. 

Here at BudBros, we’re dedicated to helping you explore the potential of CBD in any way we can. Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons of CBD vapes and flower roll-ups to help you find your perfect CBD match. 


CBD has a strong, distinctively earthy aroma that many people associate with marijuana. Because of this, discretion is a major concern for many when choosing how to consume CBD. 

While both vaping oil and smoking flower will produce an odour (it’s still CBD, after all), smoking flower tends to be much stronger. This is because smoking flower involves burning plant material, similar to smoking cigarettes. This burning process releases more volatile terpenes, creating a stronger, more pungent odour compared to vaping. Vapes heat the oil distillate to a lower temperature, vaporising the contents without burning them. This gentler process releases fewer terpenes, often resulting in a less noticeable smell. 

If discretion is your number one priority, then vapes are the way to go. 

Ease of Cleaning

CBD is a great way to unwind and de-stress, so the last thing you want is a messy cleaning job to ruin your zen mood. The good news is, the method you choose plays a big role in how easy (or hard) cleanup will be: 


  • Refillable vapes are the hardest to clean. They have multiple parts – atomisers, coils, chambers, mouthpieces – and all of them can get clogged with thick, sticky residue from the CBD. Cleaning them involves taking the whole thing apart, soaking parts in special solutions, and using tiny tools like cotton swabs and brushes. It’s time-consuming and requires following specific instructions to avoid breaking your device. 


  • Roll-ups, on the other hand, are much more low-maintenance. You just throw away the paper after use, and the only cleaning might involve your grinder and the burnt flower leftover from smoking.These can usually be handled with a quick brush or an alcohol wipe. 


  • Disposable vapes take this ease a step further. These typically last a few days at most, so all you need to do is wipe the inside of the mouthpiece with a tissue and maybe give the whole thing a quick wipe-down with some antibacterial spray. They can actually be cleaner than roll-ups because they often use oil distillate (no grinder needed!) and you don’t have to deal with leftover paper and burnt flower. 


The verdict? If cleaning is a major concern, stick to flower roll-ups or disposable vapes rather than reusables.


CBD is best known for its potential health benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy using it – and taste plays a big role in that! 


Whether you’ll enjoy the taste of CBD more when you vape it or smoke it really comes down to your personal preference: 


  • Vaping CBD often involves flavoured distillates, like fruit, mint, or even chocolate. These flavourings can mask the earthy taste of CBD, which is why some people find vaping CBD to be smoother and more flavourful than other methods. 


  • Smoking CBD, on the other hand, can have a different flavour depending on the rolling paper, the quality and strain of the flower, and any added ingredients. Some people enjoy the natural, earthy taste of smoked CBD, while others might find it less pleasant than flavoured vapes. 

Ultimately, the best way to find your favourite CBD flavour is to try both vaping and smoking and see which one you like better. 


As with any purchase, especially something you’ll use regularly like CBD, cost is a big factor. Here’s a cost comparison of flower and vapes to help you decide: 


  • Disposable vape pens are handy and come prefilled with CBD oil, but they’re not refillable and tend to be the pricier option. Prices can range from £10 to over £30 depending on the brand and how much CBD is in them. 


  • Raw flower is generally cheaper than vape pens, but you’ll need a separate vaporiser or rolling paper to use it. The good news is you have more control over your dosage, and prices typically fall between £3 and £10 per gram depending on the quality and type of flower. 


  • Reusable vapes come with the highest upfront cost (around £10 to £50 for the device itself), but you can then buy refill cartridges for £5 to £15 each. In the long run, this can be cheaper than constantly buying disposable pens. Similar to flower, refillable vapes also let you control your dosage by adjusting the concentration of CBD in your e-liquid and how much you vape at a time, potentially saving you money in the long run. 


If you’re on a tight budget, traditional raw flower and paper are your best bet. But if you don’t mind an initial investment, a reusable vape might be the more cost-effective option in the long run, especially if you plan on using CBD regularly.

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