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How to Use Loose Leaf CBD

Our collection of loose-leaf CBD products – containers loaded with dried plant material that can be used to infuse CBD into your morning cup of tea – is one of our most popular sellers. 

Despite the fact that many of our customers drink tea made with loose-leaf CBD, there are a few simple guidelines that can assist new users decide if this is the best way for them to reap the health advantages of CBD oils. 

Choosing the Right Tea

One of the main motives for using loose-leaf CBD is to mask the flavour of the CBD oil itself or combine it with other flavours that are more agreeable to the palate. Naturally, there are a variety of flavours for tea, and our loose-leaf CBD has its own flavourings as well. 

Given that CBD has an earthy, occasionally somewhat acidic flavour, it helps to pick the correct type of tea to combine with it. Some people also advocate mixing CBD with less processed teas, including natural white tea. 

Cold Water Treatment

Tea and CBD enthusiasts occasionally advise adding a small amount of cold water to the combination before letting it brew. This may lessen the absorption of the tastes you wish to keep to a minimum in your loose-leaf CBD tea. In other words, some of the methods used by tea drinkers to add CBD simply focus on improving the beverage’s flavour.

Of course, taste is subjective, as anyone who enjoys classic flavours like star anise is aware of. But whether you are successful in incorporating CBD tea into your daily routine depends on how good the tea tastes. 

Including Dairy Products

This advice is particularly crucial when using loose leaf CBD because it affects how well your body will absorb the substance. 

Water does not bond to CBD oil on its own. Some people call it “hydrophobic” or, once more, “non-binding.” Because of this, using looseleaf CBD with water doesn’t actually help you receive the full benefit (or any appreciable effect at all, you might say). 

Adding some butter or cream to the tea will aid in the goal of transforming the chemicals into a form that your body can digest because CBD does bond to lipids. 

These are a some of the beneficial benefits that people have mentioned when they think about using goods made from loose leaf CBD. Check out our website for a variety of useful CBD solutions. You can also browse a large selection of our CBD-infused edibles and ingestibles. We are happy to offer our consumers a contemporary, extensive selection!